Friday, May 10, 2013

What to Take to a Writers Conference

Are you preparing for a writers conference? Today I blog about what to take to a conference. Packing the right things, as well as not too much of a good thing, is important.

Consider your means of transportation. If you will travel by public transportation (such as by plane), you will want to travel light. Keep in mind, that you will likely return with handouts and books. Keeping your baggage weight down will give you flexibility to pack some newly acquired writing items as you return home.

Remember the purpose of the conference to decide which things are must-haves.


Many writers conferences are business casual attire. You will want to make a good impression on editors and agents that you meet. At the same time, you will want to be comfortable during presentations and when walking to and from events. Consider comfortable shoes!

Business Cards

Take some business cards with you. They can be ordered at a reasonable rate from office supply stores and online. You will want to exchange business cards with other writers, editors, and agents. Your business card should include your name, email, phone, and website. Adding your photo and a brand logo will help your card stand out and be easy to find after the conference. 

Tear Sheets

Take some samples of your work, especially if you are a published author. Paper gets heavy, so you might consider scanning samples into an ipad for easy access without the extra weight.

One Sheets

Create one sheets for the works you are pitching. One sheets are single sheets with your contact information and concise information about the work (think hook and synopsis). Sometimes, an editor will want to take a one sheet to help him or her remember you and your proposed work. Remember that an editor will most likely be traveling a distance to the conference as well. Lugging more than a one sheet (if even that) is not the way you want someone to remember your work. In fact, a one sheet or a business card is usually the most that will be requested of you at the time of the conference.


Take your technology! Think laptop or ipad, cell phone, and chargers! You will want to stay in touch with your family and business contacts throughout the conference.

Writers conference season is upon us. Taking a few minutes to plan before packing will help you be prepared without overload.

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