Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Steps to Productive Writing - Step Four

This is a five-part look at making those layers work for you, the writer. I began with establishing productive writing time here. While that is important and a necessary first step, establishing priorities is equally important. So, the second post was about establishing a plan for which writing do approach first, second, etc. You can read it here. In the third post, I explored what amount of time might be devoted to each area of writing.

Today, I'm writing about a specific plan for writing time.

What is my writing schedule for the week?

Establish the Schedule

Establishing a writing schedule is more than the list of what to write (work in progress, proposals, marketing, revisions). It is more that knowing what time of day you are best at each of those tasks. Establishing a writing schedule is actually assigning a time block to each of your writing tasks, making an appointment with yourself to write certain types of things on certain days at certain times.

If you make an appointment to visit the doctor or to meet a friend for lunch, you would keep the appointment - right? So, plan your week with specific times to write and specific writing tasks during each time. Remember, in order for it to be successful, you should also plan (record) the other activities of your life as well. When you finish your plan, it will include both areas - writing and personal.



Then. . . Do It!

After you establish your writing schedule, the follow through is critical. Naturally, there will be surprises that will claim time reserved for writing. Children get sick, appliances break and must be replaced, unexpected visitors arrive. . . When things that are out of your control  happen, it is time to rework the plan. That will be my subject for the last step:

How should my writing time be reworked for next week?



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