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Five Steps to Productive Writing - Step Two

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Last week, I blogged about establishing productive writing time here. While that is important and a necessary first step, establishing priorities is equally important. Many writing-related tasks tug at the writer's arm, distracting her from true writing. Marketing and a strong presence on social media are valuable and needed, but the writer must juggle those with actual writing. Even pure writing has many identities. Prioritizing those true writing activities is what we will focus on today.

In other words. . . What writing tasks are my highest priority at this point in time?

What are my current works in progress?

Obviously, the work for which you been given a contract is your number one priority. Others have entrusted you to complete a particular work by a specified date. Writers often establish a work backward schedule to meet such deadlines. Wendy Lawton of the Books and Such Literary Agency blogged about that here.

What writing is needed for proposals?

Most writers are looking ahead to develop a career. He or she is not thinking that the current work in progress is going to be the last thing written, so there is a need to write for proposals. Notice that I said write for proposals, not write proposals. That is a separate writing-related task. Writing the manuscript or sample writing for a proposal is what falls into this section. It is just like writing the current, contracted work, but it has not sold yet.

What articles am I writing?

Writers generally establish a parallel presence in the realm of articles. Writing articles is another kind of writing that requires its own allotment of time. It is not the same as writing contracted work or writing for proposals, but it is definitely writing. . . and not "just" a writing related task.

What revisions are necessary for each?

Good writing (in any of the above areas) doesn't happen without revisions. While revisions could be list in their own, separate area, I think that they need the same clear focus as the initial writings.

So, when the writer has established the best time to write, he or she will schedule the actual writings in that time. On occasion, one of the areas above, will move to a higher position than the others. At times, one of the above may take up all of the writing time. 
Next week, I will explore this question: What amount of time should I devote to each area of writing? 


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