Monday, May 13, 2013

Fun Summer Countdown for Tweens

Summer is a-comin' -- What will your tween do this summer? Here is a fun countdown list to plan for summer. Brainstorm one category each day as you countdown the last ten days of school.

  • Ten People to Hang With
Think friends from school, church, and your neighborhood. Don't forget the people who live in your house and relatives who live other houses (cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents).

  • Nine Places to Go
Here are a few ideas to get you started: VBS, the park, a friend's house, the movies, the pool, the library. . . 
  • Eight Games to Play
Video games can be on this list, but make it a bigger list than that. Have you ever played a sport? gone bowling? learned a new game like chess?
  • Seven Books to Read
Join a summer book club at the library. Check out their events and prizes. You can also join a cool book club online like this one.
  • Six Silly Things to Do
Add a few goofy, just for fun, things here. You know what to do!
  • Five Movies to Watch
Think about movies on TV, movies you can trade with your friends, movies you can rent, and a special treat of going to the theater. Remember to plan the last one with your parents.
  • Four Crafts to Make
Do you like to draw and paint? Maybe you want to build with wood (with a parent) or learn to sew. What about making an awesome duct tape Bible marker?
  • Three Foods to Cook
Talk with your parents about things you can cook (when they are there). Do you have bread, bananas, and raisins? Funny face toast is a fun way to start the day.
  • Two Records to Break
Can  you do something faster or longer than your friends? Have a contest. Break a record.
  • One Collection to Start
People collect just about everything: rocks, cards, and coins are a few. What kind of collection is interesting to you?

What is on your summer list?

Calling all tweens!
New tween devos are coming. They are all about your life and what the Bible says about you! Each devotion is personal. Each one will help you grow in your faith in God. Be ready! Get stoked because Jesus cares for you! New tween devos. . .coming from Zonderkidz in 2015. 

copyright (c) 2013 Carol McAdams Moore

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