Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Father-Son Grill Out

Are you looking for a Father's Day idea for your tween ministry group? What about a spin off from the traditional Mother-Daughter Tea. Plan a Father-Son Grill Out.

Here are the steps to a successful event:

  • Plan the date and time. Be sure to coordinate with other church activities. 
  • Select the location. This will take some space. Does your church have an outside area that will accommodate grilling and a decent ball game?
  • Where is the food? The menu doesn't have to be fancy, but it is important to feed those large appetites. Maybe burgers or hot dogs, chips, cold soda, and some sweet treats will do it. (Invite the moms to send also baked goodies for the sweet treats.
  • Have several designated grill masters. This is a great way for the ministers or other male leaders of the church to interact with the boys and their dads on an informal level. 
  • Plan a game of ball. Maybe have several kinds of games going.
  • Have a rain plan. Choose a movie that will be entertaining and appropriate.
  • Spread the word. Advertise the event in the church newsletter. Have the tweens create a flyer to invite the dads.
  • Plan for the tween boys who do not have a dad in the home. Have male teachers and other church leaders be a dad for the event. What a great opportunity for witness and role-modeling!
  • Get a head count. Hungry men and boys = not so great event.
  • Pray for the guys (of all ages) who will attend. Pray that the dads will be available to attend and that work commitments will not be a conflict. Pray for a fun time of sportsmanship and fellowship. . . and that their will be enough food for all! 

What father-son activities have you planned in tween ministry? Have you tried a father-son grill out? What suggestions would you add to the list above?



Plan a Father-Son Grill Out.   Tweet this!

What father-son activities have you planned in tween ministry?   Tweet this!


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