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Five Steps to Productive Writing - Step Three

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Writing has many layers. There are many tasks within each of the layers. It all can be more than a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

This is a five-part look at making those layers work for you, the writer. I began with establishing productive writing time here. While that is important and a necessary first step, establishing priorities is equally important. So, the second post was about establishing a plan for which writing do approach first, second, etc. You can read it here.

Today, let's think about a question that I have asked myself and others again and again.

What amount of time should I devote to each area of writing?

Chicken and Egg Theory

The idea of which came first - the chicken or the egg - seems to fit here. Without writing, there is no need for marketing or social media. Without marketing and social media, the writing remains a well-kept secret on the writer's computer or in a desk drawer.

So, the take away on this thinking would be that both areas of writing are equally important. Sometimes the season (approaching deadline or book launch) might warrant a little more time one direction, rather than the other. But the goal is to keep things even, and to plan ahead, so that both areas of responsibility are met without jumping into the deep end of only one pool.

Rocks and Pebbles Theory

The idea of the rocks and pebbles also seems to apply. Truly, without writing, there wouldn't be a need for any planning. It seems that focusing on the big task, writing - writing - writing, is critical. The many, many pebbles of social media can fill in the extra times (grinning here) and too-tired-to-write times (not grinning here).
What ideas have helped you decide what amount of time to devote to each area of writing?

Next week, I will explore this question: How does the writer refuel?



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Does the Bible have anything gross or outrageous? New tween devos are coming from Zonderkidz in 2015.    Tweet this!


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