Beginning Readers

I love to write for kids! Those who are beginning readers are especially fun (and challenging) to write for. Here are four reasons I love to write for beginning readers.
  1. Beginning readers are just mastering the print word. They are super excited about being about to read stories and Bible truths for themselves.
  2. Beginning readers love to read for others. They will read a fiction story or a Bible storybook again and again - to anyone who will listen! What a privilege for an author to be a part of that witness through young voices.
  3. Beginning readers are school-aged. Whether they attend a public school, a Christian school, or are homeschooled, they are starting to be confronted with new ideas. Some of those do not reflect Bible teachings. Not only do beginning readers explore their faith, they begin to defend it through their reading.
  4. Beginning readers grow to be middle grade readers. I love writing for that age group, too. Read all about it here.
Do these characteristics sound like the beginning readers you know? What would you add?


copyright (c) 2014 Carol McAdams Moore


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