Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's Gonna Be a Great Summer

You have encouraged me throughout my journey to publication. I continue to stand in awe of our great God who would allow me to have such an opportunity for service and outreach.

He has given me yet another opportunity, and I need your help.

Today I am posting about a children's literacy-mission event at the Orlando Children's Church in a few weeks that is very dear to my heart, an outreach to 550 children from at-risk backgrounds in the inner city of Christian Authors Network and the CBA. I am extremely privileged to be the co-chair for the children's activities that will span two days.
Orlando, Florida. It is co-sponsored by the Christian Booksellers Association and the Christian Authors Network.

It is our prayer and our goal to give each child a bag with one or more Christian books.

Will you help me?