Middle Grade

I love to write for kids and teens - a wide age span - but today I want to share some of the reasons that I
write for middle grade kids.

First, let's talk about what age group is considered "middle grade". It's the age group of kids who are 9-12 years old. (Think third-sixth graders.) You might be thinking that is a big age span. It is. That is one reason that I love to write for that group. It is a time when many things are changing in their lives. Here are a few that come to mind.

Independent Reading Skills

Middle grade readers can read independently. They have learned the basics and can pick up a book or magazine to read for themselves. What a privilege and a joy to write for a group that is exerting its independence in print word!

More Reading Choices

Along with the independent reading skills, come more choices in reading. The topics of the books vary greatly. It is a turn in the road when the reader (and his parents) must choose books that are appropriate over those than might steer the child in an unfavorable direction. Middle grade reading material is not always as innocent as most material for younger readers. I am humbled to have the opportunity to offer intriguing and Christ-honoring materials for middle grade readers.

Peer Pressure

Middle graders are under more peer pressure than when they were younger. Often they pick up ideas about how to handle situations from what they read. What a responsibility to help kids navigate the waters of interacting with peers who may or may not be Christians!

I seek your prayers as I sit down at my computer to write.


copyright (c) 2014 Carol McAdams Moore

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