Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer Bible Reading Club for Kids

You might share some of my loves: I love summer! I love summer reading clubs! I love the Bible!

I think that kids love summer, reading, and the Bible as well. I have written about encouraging Bible reading here. Today, I want to share three ideas for creating a summer Bible reading club for children.

  • Choose the Material 

    Perhaps you have a preschooler who is not in the reader category just yet. Choose a Bible storybook with multiple stories. Your child can choose the stories from the book for his or her reading material.

    Perhaps you have a beginning reader. A Bible storybook or beginning reader Bible would be appropriate reading that would foster reading independence and give your child ownership in his efforts in the Bible reading club.

    Perhaps you have an elementary reader. He may be ready for a traditional Bible reading, or he may feel more comfortable with one of the selections above. Remember the goal is to create an enjoyment and habit of reading the Bible, so help the child choose a comfortable Bible choice.

    Perhaps you have a tween reader (age 9-12). A traditional Bible is most likely the best selection.
  • Choose the Rewards

     Plan the plan! Talk to your child about the reading expectations. Will it be one story from the Bible storybook? A chapter from the traditional Bible?

    How often do you hope the plan will be done? Perhaps the child will need a reading schedule, or maybe he will be motivated to reads lots.

    Track the progress. A simple sticker chart or check sheet can fit the bill here. However, you can be super creative. Choose a simple paper shape (such as a frog) that can move up the frig or across the wall to show progress in reading.

    Plan a reward system. The important thing is that the rewards are fun, not expensive. Will the child receive a reward after every five readings? An ice cream cone might be a fun reward. Do you hope that 50 readings will happen this summer? Maybe a movie reward will be in order. Let your child help plan the rewards! Communicate the plan early to maximize a clear understanding of how the summer Bible reading club will work.
  • Enjoy the Plan

    Let your child read with you. Here are some more ideas: How to Grow a Bible Reader.

    Join in. Kids LOVE doing things with their parents. What will be your summer Bible reading plan? Let your child help you track your progress. Yes. You, too can have a frog on the frig!

    Have fun!


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