Tuesday, June 17, 2014

VBS Benefits for Kids

Are your kids going to Vacation Bible School this year? Of course, there are lots of obvious benefits: learning about the Bible, having fun with friends, and doing something worthwhile instead of just vegging in front of the TV. Sometimes we kind of gloss over the benefits. However, VBS addresses three distinct ways that kids learn. What better way to teach kids Bible truths than to engage them in their learning language?


Is your child the one who sings everywhere he goes? Does he form a band with his friends to entertain other
kids in the neighborhood? Maybe he is the one who uses songs to remember important information for tests. Music appeals to many people. It is a beautiful way to worship God. The music and movement at VBS engages many kids. How exciting to hear kids humming or singing the words of God's Word from Vacation Bible School music! 



Maybe your child lives for sports. She loves competition. She is always moving, playing, challenging others. VBS recreation encourages kids to learn Christian sportsmanship. There is nothing wrong with competition as long as it is tempered in Christian love. If your child loves sports, you will love the recreation aspect of VBS recreation.

Other kids are not so competition-oriented, but they need to move. A lot. These kids also benefit from VBS recreation. Moving help them to focus on the new ideas they are learning.



Some children love art. They love to make things. Other kids just learn best when their hands are busy. They need to fidget in order to take in new information. The items made in crafts address that need and the love of creating, as well as provide momentos that will keep teaching long after VBS week is over.

What are some other specific learning languages of VBS? What does your child like most about Vacation Bible School?


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