Thursday, June 19, 2014

Three Questions to Ask about VBS

Vacation Bible School season is in full swing. Each day is sure to be packed with fun and learning. If your child is attending VBS this summer, here are three questions to ask when he gets home.

  • Who was the story about today?

  • What did that person do?

  • Why is that important to us today?

For example, the Day 1 lesson from Agency D3 (Lifeway) focuses on this question: Was Jesus just a good man? So, a child studying that VBS curriculum would be able to answer three questions as follows.

Who was the story about today?

The lesson is about Jesus and John the Baptist.


What did that person do?

Jesus asked John to baptize him. When he did, a voice from heaven announced that Jesus is indeed God's Son.


Why is that important to us today?

If Jesus is God's Son, we should study the Bible to learn more about His life and teachings.

Asking three simple questions can help your child review the day's lesson. It can also give you a starting point for further discussion and life application.


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