Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Meeting Young Readers at ICRS

The International Christian Retail Show was just two weeks ago in Atlanta, Georgia. ICRS is the annual trade show in Christian retailing. This year, however, there was a new component, and I was privileged to be a part.

On Sunday afternoon, just prior to the Worship Him Celebration, ICRS hosted its first Change a Life Festival. There was music and other entertainment. There was also a children's area, filled with nine children's authors, hands-on activities, and lots of book-talk.

It was awesome to chat with young Christian readers and their parents. Here are four things I learned (or about which I felt affirmed) from talking with the kids.

  1. Children are honest readers/consumers. They read what they want, on topics that interest them (unless, of course, it is a mandatory school assignment). The same was true at the festival. A quick scan of the choices lead each child to start with a preferred book-related activity.
  2. Children are curious. They are highly attracted to bright colors, animals, music, and crafts. Aren't we all? I am so thankful for the creative teams that come up with engaging book cover designs!
  3. Children are creative. At the festival the kids enjoyed the activities from the books represented there. Some decorated cards; some created pins and crowns; some completed puzzles; and others doodled pictures. Most of them (and the authors) couldn't resist the band music, and there was a decent amount of humming, singing, and movement. 
  4. Children are deep thinkers. I loved hearing the conversations between kids and their parents as they thought of Biblical examples of God's promises and amazing things that Jesus did. 
It was such a privilege to meet the young readers at ICRS. Authors learn from their readers.

How would you describe young Christian readers today?


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