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Six Ways to Reach Young Readers with Series Books

Recently, I posted about series book memories from childhood. In recent discussions, many of you joined in and probably shared opinions with others. Today, I want to summarize six reasons that children and teens are drawn to series books.

  1. Familiar Characters - The characters in a book series may seem like friends or even family. The next book in a series can be a comfortable place to go because of familiarity.
  2. Admired Heroes - The series characters may do the daring or courageous. They may be heroes in the eyes of the readers, people to admire and emulate (if only in the reader's imagination).
  3. Preferred Genre - The series may be written in a preferred genre, such as mystery or adventure.
  4. Trusted Choice - Parents seek authors and books they can trust. A proven series may draw the attention of parents. They can trust the work without extensive review.
  5. Easy Choice - The things above make a favorite series an easy choice. The child or tween reader can make a decision without wondering if they will like the book. The others in the series have passed the reader's test. The next book is an easy choice.
  6. Generational Share - This is the sweetest and one of the most powerful ways that young reader are drawn to series books. The love of a series is passed from parent to child, shared, reread, and loved again.
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The Writer/Blogger World Tour continues! Last week I posted about how I write here. I joined Cindy Ervin Huff who explained how she writes here.

This week, I pass the baton to Karen Whiting and Cleo Lampos. Click on their names to read how they write.  

Karen Whiting is an international speaker and award-winning author of seventeen books. She’s the former television host of Puppets On Parade. Her newest books are Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God’s creation and The One Year My Princess Devotions. Her upcoming releases are The One Year Devotions for Active Boys and Hope From His Heart (a devotional for women).

Karen loves to let creativity splash across the pages of her writing as she encourages families to thrive, treasure one another, and connect to God.

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Cleo Lampos 
Cleo Lampos is a retired teacher who has developed her writing and speaking skills into a ministry. With 26 years of special education under her belt, she enjoys preparing for lecture series based on the lives of teachers. She brings one granddaughter to Open Mic at the local library where they participate in the fun. The Teachers of Diamond Projects School is a series of novels about urban teachers that she has written. Teaching Diamonds in the Tough is her narrative nonfiction based on her years of journaling. One historic fiction, A Mother's Song, is a tribute to the mothers of the orphan trains. All her books are published by Oak Tara.

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