Thursday, July 03, 2014

Children's Book Clubs at Christian Bookstores

Recently, I served on a panel of children's book authors. The audience was made up of Christian bookstore retailers. The question of how to encourage children to read more was asked. One of my suggestions was to offer a book club. I previously posted about summer reading clubs at home, but this idea can be expanded to embrace Christian bookstores as well.

Here are two ideas for children's book clubs that lend themselves well to Christian bookstores.


1 - Create a Read-at-Home Book Club

  • Establish a Theme

  • Outline the Reading Goals

  • Offer Prizes

  • Plan Activities and Events


2 - Create In Store Book Club Meetings

  • Choose a Book

  • Establish a Meeting Time

  • Enlist a Youth to Lead the Group

  • Offer Food

  • Plan an End-of-the-Book Celebration 

    How would you plan a reading club for your local Christian bookstore?


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