Saturday, July 19, 2014

Young Readers and Series Books

I have been thinking a lot about series books. After all, many times when you tell someone you are writing a book, they ask if it will be a series. I have to admit that I always write fiction with the idea of a series in the back of my mind.

You see, I think that series books are wildly popular. Recently, on Facebook, I asked a question about series books and childhood memories. Lots of people wanted to talk about series books. You can read about it on my Facebook wall. The response confirmed my thinking. Series books are popular!

The Happy Hollisters series was one that several people mentioned, so I went on a treasure hunt at STL Books in lovely Kirkwood, Missouri.

The owner, Robin Moore Theiss, showed me a complete set of The Happy Hollisters.

She also had Nancy Drew books that were gems.

But Nancy Drew hasn't disappeared. This morning, I found a whole box of them at a sale, just waiting for someone from the new generation of Nancy Drew readers.

Why are series books so popular?

I have a lot of ideas about that, but first I am posing the question here and on Facebook. I hope you will chime in the discussion!


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