Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Leftover Letter Fun - Learning Games

As the kids head back to school, are you cleaning out those closets? Maybe you are in the process of moving. What to do with leftover letter tiles from a word game such as Scrabble (TM) or Upwords (TM)?  I'll admit that I can't part with them. Ever. They have so much potential!

These ideas are suitable for:
  • beginning readers
  • school classrooms
  • children's groups at church
  • homeschoolers
  • family devotion time                                

The Materials

  • Letter tiles from word games 
          NOTE: The tiles don't have to match! Combine tiles from several games. Fun! Attention-getting!

Learning Games and Activities

  • ABC practice - Give the child the letters of the alphabet and ask her to arrange them in order.
  • Name fun - Give the child the letters of his name and have him arrange them to spell his name.
  • Sorting - Give each child 15-20 letter tiles (that represent certain letters - perhaps B, R, and L). Have them sort the letters into groups.
  • Counting - Ask the child to count how many letters are in each group.
  • Patterns - Give the child preselected letters to form patterns. (One example is using two letters for a repeating pattern. Many beginning spelling words end in AT - bat, cat, hat, mat, etc. So give the child a handful of letters A and T to practice the pattern: ATATATAT.)
  • Spelling _Give the child preselected letter tiles to practice a spelling list.
  • Vocab review - Give the child preselected letter tiles to spell vocab from a Reading or Bible story.


Notes from Carol

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