Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to Sunday School Time

It's Back-to-Sunday-School time! Yep. In my church, we call Sunday School  - KidsLife. I think as long as I live I will refer to it both ways. (Not to compare it to a soft drink, but I still say soda-pop when I am with friends who have a strong preference one way or the other.)

I have been thinking about motivators for my class. I def want to use the Every Penny Counts idea to keep them interested in answering questions and to foster a habit of giving to missions.

I have also been thinking of how I can stay in touch with the kids between Sundays. Here is one idea I want to try:

Question Postcards

I went to my local Christian bookstore and purchased these (created by Tina Ledbetter - available from Universal Designs).

My plan is to jot a postcard (on Sunday afternoon) to each student in the class. The message will be short, but will include two things:
  • Great to see you / We missed you
  • A fill-in-the-blank or question based on the upcoming lesson
Kids who bring back the cards with the answer will get a small reward (candy, bookmark, other reward trinket).

My Confession

I have for a long, long time been drawn to writing notes and letters on Sunday afternoons. BUT family members can tell you - She (ME) can write great notes and letters, but ummm. . . doesn't do it as often as she should.

Two Questions

  • Will you pray that I am consistent in writing notes and letters this year?
  • Will you share with us some of your Back-to-Sunday-School (KidsLife) ideas?


Notes from Carol

I have the awesome responsibility of writing tween devos for Zonderkidz. Right now we are having a Doodle Race on my blog (here). Kids (and adults) can submit a doodle (simple drawing) for the race. . . Zonderkidz is offering prizes to two winners (a free book and publication in my devos). . . Thanks, Zonderkidz! ! !

I'd be honored if you share the race with your fam and friends. . .Post it on your facebook, website, or blog. It is going to be fun! 

Here is a link you can share: 


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