Thursday, October 17, 2013

Matching Game for Beginning Bible Readers

This idea is great for kids who are beginning readers. Use it to reinforce Bible story understanding while boosting reading skills.


  • A beginning reader Bible story verse (from a children's Bible or Sunday School material)
  • Colorful index cards
  • A marker to print easy-to-see words


  • Print each word from the verse two times (once on each of the colors).

Play the Game

  • Arrange one set of cards on the table in order.
  • Have the kids take turns arranging the second set of cards to match the first set.
  • Then, have them read the verse to you.

Other Options

  • Keep the card sets for future review. Have them available at a "station" for kids to practice the verse during later meeting times.
  • Give the sets of cards (in a scrambled order) to two different kids. Have a race to see who can arrange their cards first. 

Notes from Carol

Zonderkidz is publishing two tween devos (for girls: Just Sayin' - 90 ways to rock your faith and for boys: Dare U 2 Open This Book - 90 ways to rock your faith). I have the awesome responsibility of writing the devos. So I am having a little race to promote the books.

What is a doodle?

Think simple drawing - not fancy : )

Who can enter? Ages 9 - 100

The race will have TWO winners. Yep. You could be one of the winners. BUT you have to enter a doodle to be in the race. Just sayin'. . . 

Here are the links:

Doodle Prompt for Girls 
Doodle Prompt for Boys

 Ready!  Set!!   DOODLE!!! 


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