Saturday, October 12, 2013

FREE Jesus Saves Bracelet

Do you have some of these? They are P.O.P.U.L.A.R. where I live. It is fun to make those bracelets, and oh so fun to wear them. . .

But don't leave Jesus out of the loop. Use the loops to tell your friends about Jesus.

The colors:

GREEN - The people waved palm branches as Jesus entered the city.
RED - Jesus gave his precious blood to pay for our sins.
BLACK - Our sins (think mistakes) are dark and separate us from God.
WHITE  - Our sins are washed white as snow once we trust Jesus as Savior.
PURPLE - Jesus' followers were so sad when he died.
YELLOW - What a lovely, sunshiny day when Jesus rose again! He conquered death and payed for our sins!

So how about a FREE Jesus Saves bracelet??

  • Enter the Doodle Race on my blog. (It is a drawing race.) 
  • I will send you a free bracelet, just for entering (while supplies last).


Here are the links:

Doodle Race Info for Girls
Doodle Race Info for Boys

 Ready!  Set!!   DOODLE!!! 


copyright (c) 2013 Carol McAdams Moore

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