Friday, October 18, 2013

DIY Duct Tape(R) Pencil Bag

Your drawing could be published in my next book from Zonderkidz!


Make a Duct Tape(R) pencil bag to hold all your doodle drawing supplies!

Things You Need

  • an inexpensive ready-made pencil bag (Check out the dollar stores.)
  • a fave duct tape

How to Do It

  • Wrap the duct tape in a row around the bag.
  • Cut the tape.
  • Wrap the next row so that it overlaps a little.
  • Repeat until the bag is covered.

HINT: Remember to keep the zipper clear, so the bag can still open and close.

What kind of doodle drawings do YOU like to do?


Have YOU entered the Doodle Race??? 


Notes from Carol

What is this race all about? 

Zonderkidz is publishing two devotionals for tweens (for girls: Just Sayin' - 90 ways to rock your faith and for boys: Dare U 2 Open This Book - 90 ways to rock your faith). I have the awesome responsibility of writing the devos. So I am having a little race to promote the books.

What is a doodle?

Think simple drawing - not fancy : )

Who can enter? Ages 9 - 100

The race will have TWO winners. Yep. You could be one of the winners. BUT you have to enter a doodle to be in the race. Just sayin'. . . 

Here are the links:

Doodle Prompt for Girls 
Doodle Prompt for Boys

 Ready!  Set!!   DOODLE!!! 


copyright (c) 2013 Carol McAdams Moore

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