Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Heart of a Missionary

Don't you love opportunities for giving that call for "putting things together"? They allow for small contributions to fill big needs. They also allow the giver to go unnoticed. It is almost as if we are "caught" doing it, somehow the act is diminished. You know. . . we have received the attention of others. I love the idea of teaching our kids to give and to try to avoid being seen!

Here are some programs that lend themselves well to not letting the other hand see:

Several years ago, my cousins (then missionaries in Wyoming) sent out a plea for items. Because Wyoming can be so very cold, they requested many items that they could offer to warm visitors. 

Sometimes a missionary might call for school supplies; others might call for toiletries; and yet others might request simple first aid supplies. They are calls from the Heart of a Missionary.

Here is a way to teach kids about the Heart of a Missionary.


  • small heart-shaped plate
  • several items that represent the theme of the missionary's call
  • map or globe
  • list of requested items to take home

The Activity

  • Explain Jesus' charge to go into all of the world and spread His Word.
  • Talk about the missionaries who are answering the call in ____________ (name of the place).
  • Show the children where the place is on the map or globe.
  • Then, talk about each of the items on the heart plate and how the missionary might use each.
  • With the children's eyes closed, remove one of the items. Can they remember which item was removed?
  • Repeat with the other items as time allows.
  • Give each child a Heart of the Missionary list to take home for future collection.
  • Pray that God will use the items collected to help the missionary spread God's Word to all the world. 


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