Friday, July 19, 2013

Doodle Art Bible Memory Game

Do you love doodling the message of favorite Bible stories? Create the super fun Doodle Art Bible Memory Game with just a few simple materials.


  • empty tissue box
  • duct tape (optional)
  • computer paper, cut into fourths
  • pencils


  1. Choose a tissue box with a cool design, or cover a not-so-cool one with duct tape.
  2. Give each player one piece of paper and a pencil.
  3. Doodle your fav Bible story.
  4. Print the story name or Bible verse on the back of the paper.
  5. Place all Bible story doodles in the box.

Play the Game

  • Take turns picking one of the Bible doodles from the game box.
  • If the player can identify the story, he or she earns one point. If not, the doodle is placed in the discard pile for a future game.
  • The player with the most points is the game winner.

Game Tips 

  • This game works well with a large group.
  • This is also a great review game for a number of Bible lessons or family devotions. (Save them up and play the game to review.)
  • Use this game with any age. 

Added Benefit/Variation for Beginning Readers

  • Print a verse from a beginning reader Bible to go with each doodle. Let the young players practice their reading skills while playing the doodle game!


Notes from Carol

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