Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Early Reader Bible Story Game

Young children who are learning to read love guessing games! Here is a fun way to talk about a favorite Bible story while practicing early learning skills.

  1. Share an early reader Bible story. If the child is old enough, have her read the story to you. Otherwise, read the story aloud.
  2. Show the child the bag with a hidden object that represents something from the story.
  3. Encourage the child to ask questions about the hidden object to try to guess it.
  4. Let the child open the bag to find the object when the guessing is complete.
  5. Use the object to retell the story or to create a picture about the story.

Read the story of Noah and the ark.

Encourage questions:

       How many things are in the bag?
       Is it an animal? (Think toy animal.)
       Is it wet or dry?
       Is it something to ride in?
       What color is it?

Discover what is in the bag!

Create a rainbow picture together.

Retell or reread the story! 


Notes from Carol

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