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Teach Tween Sunday School? Here's One Tip You Can Use Now

It is Saturday! A day off work . . . a day to relax. Wait! Tomorrow morning you will be facing tweens in Sunday School. What is a teacher to do?

It is a privilege to teach tweens, but it is often also a challenge. Many tween have grown up in church. They might even help with younger children in the nursery. They have heard the basic teachings of the Bible. Certainly they don't know it all -- Do any of us? But you know, as well as I do, some of them can answer those lesson questions quickly. Then, you look at the clock. Okay. That took a few minutes of the lesson time. Now what?

Here is ONE TIP that you can use NOW : ) The best part of it is that it will strengthen your Sunday School teaching time with the tweens. THEY WILL LEARN MORE. The second best thing is that it will COST YOU NOTHING!

  • Start with the lesson. Follow the curriculum.
  • Use the questions that go with the lesson.
  • HERE IS THE TIP: Switch seat with the kids. I don't mean literally jump up and in it one of their chairs. I mean switch roles. Pass out pencils and index cards. (You can give slips of paper or really anything for them to write on. Remember this DOES NOT COST ANYTHING!) Then, have them write one question about the lesson on the paper. Use those questions for a review game.
Why is this such an effective teaching tip? People learn when they teach others. Scouring the lesson Scriptures for questions causes tweens to focus on the over all message, the details, the sequence, the application . . . everything you wanted them to learn. And guess what? They will have a blast while they are doing it.

Special Learner Tip: Some kids have special needs. Very often Sunday School is a place that they can blend in with their peers. You can make that easier. In this activity, be aware of kids who might need help with spelling or who need someone to retalk the lesson with them for ideas. This is a great task for the teen helper in your class. Everybody learns : )

Let's get a discussion going. Have you tried this tip with your tweens? How did it work? What did you do to make it fun?


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