Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Missional Tween Girls

Tween girls may have grown up in the church. They know the basic Scriptures and can answer the questions from most Sunday School or VBS lessons. Certainly they need to hear the Scripture. We all do. But how can they be engaged in the Great Commission? 

Letter-writing Mission
Consider developing a missions project such as letter-writing. Tween girls love to e-mail, text, and jot down notes. Encourage them to use these interests to show God's love to others.

Who would receive missional notes and e-mails?
  • retired members of the church or the community in general
  • the tweens and younger children of missionaries overseas
  • children and tweens in residential schools such as the state school for the deaf
Start the Mission
Let parents and other adults in the church know about the project. Collect colorful note cards and stationary. Plan a party to write, write, write! Later, share responses from their communication (if not too personal). Then, write some more.


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