Monday, December 07, 2015

Three Kinds of Gift Books for Children

Do you have a few things left to get for Christmas? Me, too!

I've been looking over my family's wish lists. And something stood out about books. It won't be a surprise to you.

Kids enjoy different book formats.

Here are three formats that are great considerations as you finish up your Christmas shopping.

  1. Traditional, Print Books - Traditional books can be wrapped and tucked inside a stocking or placed under the tree. They can be held and enjoyed again and again as the child or teen turns the pages and takes in the illustrations. Traditional, print books can be shared between parent (or grandparent) and the young reader. These books can be stowed away for future generations to enjoy. We can probably all agree on the benefits of books that we can hold and share with others... But some young readers are changing... And screens are more and more important in their young lives.
  2. Ebooks - One reader on my Christmas list ONLY reads ebooks. Ebooks offer the convenience of being transported easily from place to place. One device can hold an entire library and can be tucked inside the child's book bag, ready to board the plane to Grandma's or keep one entertained in the back seat of a car.
  3. Audio Books - Audio books offer their own set of perks. They are convenient and can be enjoyed individually or shared with a group. I posted about the draw of audio books for some kids who struggle with reading, but readers of all abilities enjoy listening to books.
What about the kids and teens on your Christmas list? What kinds of books will keep them "turning the pages"?



A Note from Carol:

I have the amazing opportunity to write books for children and preteens. My preteen devotionals are for kids ages 8 - 12, written in the popular doodle format. Kids read a short devotion and then write or doodle (draw) how the Bible text applies to their own lives. The books make great stocking stuffers and gifts for Sunday School groups. You can check them out by clicking on one of the pictures at the right. 

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