Monday, December 28, 2015

Establishing Devotional Routines with Kids

Are you looking for some new routines to study God's Word in the new year? Maybe you are hoping to establish the same routines for your children and preteens.

A new year is a great time to start a new devotion book.

Here is a portion of my post on the Christian Children's Authors blog from last January on that very topic.

Kids of this age might not say that they thrive on routine, but they do. And tweens who have a routine devotional time are much more likely to chillax as they learn the promises of the Bible.Psalm 1_2
For example, the child who understands that there is a set time to complete school work, expects it to be so. He or she might not verbally welcome doing school work, but knowing that there is a designated time to get it done is calming in a way.
What about learning God's Word? Again, if there is a routine, the tween will automatically expect it. Having a ready mind set goes a long way on the path to achievement.
Here are four considerations that parents can use to create and maintain a devotional routine to help tweens  chillax in God's Word.
  • Time - Let's face it. We are all creatures of habit. If an activity has a regular time in our lives, it is likely to get done. Otherwise, well meant intentions can go by the wayside. Help tweens establish a regular time for their devotions.
  • Place - When a devotional time happens in a regular place, there can be fewer distractions. For example, perhaps the tween devotion takes place every evening in a quiet place in his room (perhaps with an adult). It is much more likely to be productive than if it is in the family room in the midst of video games and conversation.
  • Material - It is important to have a devotion book to use with the tween's Bible. Choose a Bible translation that fits the tween's reading ability and a devotional book that engages him. There are devotions of many different formats available.
  • Participants - A time of devotions can be alone or with a family member. With a child who is old enough to read independently, it is a great idea to incorporate some individual time and an additional time of reading, discussion, and praying with an adult family member.
I hope you will join us on the Christian Children's Authors blog for more posts about all things reading with Christian kids.

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