Sunday, November 01, 2015

Christmas Traditions and Children's Books

Have we connected on the Christian Children's Authors site? I'm sharing my post from yesterday...
Tomorrow will be November 1st. I LOVE November. It is a time of remembering the blessing of family and friends. It is a time of gathering together and looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birth at Christmas.
So why am I writing about Christmas reading when tomorrow will only be November 1st?
Read the post on Christian Children's Authors.

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Mr. Bob Hicks said...

Hi Carol: Saw your post on Christian Children's Authors. Appreciated that you added Crystal Bowman's "M is for Manger" to the list of Christmas resources for kids.

Crystal is a good friend and mentor for me. She did a review for my Christian children's book, "Mouse in the Manger". You can take a peek at my website, or on Amazon.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Bob Hicks