Monday, January 06, 2014

Ten Things to Do on a Snowy Day

Off school because of the snow? It is just raaaainy? Here are some tried and true ideas for fun things to do inside.

  1. Send drawings for the Doodle Race. Right now, you can send doodles (drawings) for this race. It is FREE! And. . . your drawing just might get published in a book by Zonderkidz! Here are the deets.
  2. Play a board game. Don't be bored! Pull out some of those Christmas gifts or the games stored in the closet. Want more? How about a tournament? Think kids vs. adults.
  3. Make cookies. Check out the goodies in the kitchen. Make a treat. Decorate some cookies. It's not just for Christmas, you know! Yum!
  4. Make a pizza. Lunch time? Make a pizza. Remember, you can make substitutions for lots of the traditional pizza ingredients.For example, use a jar of spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce and ANY KIND of cheese makes a great topping!
  5. Read a book. Raid the family library. Download books. Read at the same time (cuddled up on the couch), read together (taking turns reading aloud), or read to your pet. Seriously.
  6. Write a letter. Think paper and pencil - not a text, not an email. Go for it. 
  7. Make a tent with blankets. Fun! Make a place to read or just to chat. It is a toasty way to spend part of the day.
  8. Plaaaay dough. You know you love it. Salt dough is easy to make.  Dress it up with food coloring and scents (flavorings) from the kitchen cupboard. Vanilla or peppermint anyone?
  9. Make a video. Use technology for family fun. Make a video for fam and send it to them. The video might be like a Skype time (but recorded so it can be replayed), a music video, or even a play.
  10. What are your ideas? What inside fun are you having as a family?

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