Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Prayer Box for Children

Like many people, I did a little after Christmas shopping. One thing that caught my eye was a sparkly gold gift box. Ohhh! The treasures it could hold under next year's tree! The look of wonder on the gift recipient's face would be priceless! But then, why would such a gem be packed away for 12 months?

I started thinking about social media posts, in which many people said they save Christmas cards for a kind of prayer list. Then, I visited a relative who showed me a small picture album with individual pictures of family members, each of whom she prays for daily. I had also heard about many kinds of prayer boxes with slips of paper representing prayer concerns, requests, and praises.

I knew the perfect use for the shiny gold box - a prayer box for a child!


  • a sturdy box (a gift box or a decorated shoe box)
  • small objects, pictures, or greeting cards to represent family and friends 

The prayer box on the right has the following items and who might be represented by each.
  •  a measuring spoon - a mother or grandmother who bakes
  • a rain gauge - a dad or grandfather who watches the weather
  • polka dot fabric & a hair bow - a sister 
  • an ornament with a college letter - a college-aged sibling
  • a flashlight - a relative who likes to camp
  • a golf ball - a relative who golfs

How to Do It

  • explain the purpose of the box
  • help the child gather (or be on the lookout) for appropriate items
  • plan a daily prayer time to pray with the child for each person represented 


Notes from Carol

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