Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Salt Dough and Bible Stories

I have to admit that I can't resist salt dough. I love to experiment with the colors. I love to add cooking flavors for the scent.

Some time ago, I overheard a wonderful Bible story lesson with salt dough. The teacher and children sat around one table, each with a portion of the salt dough. As she told the Bible story, she molded various items in that story (the story of creation). Some of the kids tried to mold the things she did. Some of them just listened while they played with their own salt dough. While they seemed to be less engaged than the first group, they were able to answer questions.

Besides being fun, the experience of handling the salt dough can be great sensory input for some kids. Be aware though, that the same sensory input can be an unpleasant experience for other kids.

Salt dough may not be appropriate for all ages. However, I imagine that even intermediate kids might be drawn into a nostalgic activity from time to time.

Here are a couple of questions. Jump right in with your thoughts!
  •  How have you used good old salt dough in children's ministry?
  •  Do you have a gluten free salt dough recipe that is tried and true?


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