Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finish This Sentence with a Drawing

How would you answer that question? If you are a guy age 9 - 100, we want your ideas. Just draw a simple picture to show something Jesus did. (He did LOTS of amazing things, you know!) Then, submit it to the Doodle Race.

Zonderkidz is offering some awesome prizes. Read all about them on the form!



Notes from Carol

  • I am having a Doodle Race on my blog (here). 
  • Kids (and adults) can submit a doodle (simple drawing) for the race. 
  • Zonderkidz is offering prizes to two winners (a free book and publication in my devos). . . Thanks, Zonderkidz! ! !

I'd be honored if you share the race with your fam and friends. Post it on your facebook, website, or blog. It is going to be fun! 

Here is a link you can share: 


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