Monday, March 28, 2016

10 Reasons I Attend the Write-to-Publish Conference

I have attended the Write-to-Publish Conference in Wheaton, IL for more than ten years. AND I will attend the conference again this year.

Why would I attend the same writer's conference again - and again?
  1. Location - The Write-to-Publish Conference is on the campus of Wheaton College. It is a venue that is saturated in prayer. You sense that as you walk and pray. It is obvious that God's Holy Spirit is there filling, guiding, and encouraging attendees.
  2. Fellowship - I have made life-long writer friends at the conference. I look forward to hearing about their writing successes and prayer needs, as well as their personal news. Someone got married. Another had a baby. A third is moving. 
  3. Networking - Through WTP, I have made connections with established, published authors. They have become my mentors.
  4. Appointments - Each conferee has the opportunity to meet with editors and/or agents. The number of one-to-one appointments depends on the number of days that you attend the conference. The appointments are wonderful opportunities to share your work with an industry professional, as well as to get feedback and perhaps that nod to send your proposal to the publisher.
  5. Continuing classes - The conference offers ongoing classes for writers at every level of the writing journey. These classes meet daily during the conference. 
  6. Breakout sessions - In addition to the continuing classes, there are many breakout sessions. Just about every imaginable topic is covered. When I first attended the conference, every topic was new to me. Even now, I find many sessions to attend. There is something for every writer, at every level.
  7. CDs - Conferees can purchase CDs of sessions they miss as well as those they just want to hear again.
  8. Panels - Editors, agents, and freelance writers make up the panels sprinkled throughout the conference. Those listening should have pen and paper ready for an incredible amount of information.
  9. Accountability - I appreciate the accountability of attending the same conference annually. I am called to evaluate where I am in my own writing journey. Have I been true to the convictions I experienced the year before? What is God calling me to do in the upcoming year?
  10. Worship - Conferees gather every morning and evening for worship with author Cynthia Ruchti. In the evenings, a speaker (this year, Jesse Florea from Focus on the Family) addresses the spiritual side of writing. I tell people it is like a sermon for writers.
Will I see you at the Write-to-Publish Conference?

I now volunteer at the conference registration. Be sure to introduce yourself to me when you check in. Let's plan to share a meal and talk about the wonderful things God is doing with your calling as a writer.

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