Monday, October 19, 2015

Recommended Books for Kids

It happened at the post office. A young mom was at the counter. She had a baby on one hip and a
preschooler dancing at her feet. She was talking to the clerk about mailing several books that were obviously written for children. The books were on top of a colorful, padded envelope.

My first reaction was to think what an awesome gift they would be for the recipient. Then, I wondered if they were the same titles that the dancing preschooler knew and loved - you know, recommended preschool reading.

One child offering a book recommendation to another is such a fun idea. Here are some reasons why:

  • The first child gets a chance to share a title he or she loves.
  • The first child stops to think about why the book is recommended.
  • The first child writes or draws about the recommendation
  • The second child gets a gift.
  • The second child not only gets to read the recommendation, but can think about his or her own reaction to the book.
  • The second child can write or draw a thank you note and reaction to the book.
What are other ways that kids can pass on their impressions about books they are reading? I love to post about that!

I also love giving children's books as gifts. How about you?


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