Monday, July 27, 2015

Three Back to School Reading Routines

It is back to school time.


Your family might home school. Your family might have children in a Christian or public school. But any way you look at it, this is back to school time.

And that means routines.

I hear lots of accounts of back to school routines. Some families practice getting up at a certain time. Some families spend time brushing up on basic school skills such as math facts...and reading.

Reading is a wonderful routine.

Here are three back to school reading routines to consider.

Read for Learning

School means reading for information. Include a daily reading routine for just that. It will boost your child's knowledge and his success in school. 

Sometimes reading for learning is a part of actual school assignments. Sometimes it is fueled by the child's intrigue with a topic, which can lead into the next reading routine.

Read for Pleasure

Sometimes kids want to read on only one topic. There might be times that is okay. I posted some thoughts on that here.

Regardless of other reading commitments, I think there is a definite time for reading for enjoyment, and there are lots of books to fill your child's interests

Read for Spiritual Growth

I saved the most important reading routine for last.

What is the MOST IMPORTANT for your child to read? Reading God's Word gives your child that firm foundation for all of life's challenges. 

Sometimes the relaxed days of summer mean that a devotion time has been lax or even missing. Setting back to school reading routines is a great opportunity to develop or strength a devotion time. I wrote about establishing devotion times with children and teens here.

What would you add to important reading routines?

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