Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flashlight Devotions for Kids

It is starting to feel a lot like summer. Kids are getting out of school. Summer fun schedules of ball games, camp, and vacations dominate the sides of the frig. What about time for devotions? How can families make sure that kids get that most important summer routine?

Make It a Routine

The routines of the school year (whether in the classroom or homeschooling) tell us that routines make something happen. If the activity is regularly scheduled, it will happen. If there is not a designated time, it probably will not happen.

Choose a time for children's devotions this summer. Will it be first thing in the morning? at the dinner table? just before bed? The most important things about the routine are to make it a family-friendly time (consider your own family's schedule) and to stick to it!


Plan the Place - Make It Fun

Part of the joy of summer is the joy of doing things that are fun. When choosing a place for your child's summer devotions, think of a place or activity that you both enjoy. Summer evenings outside offer lots of possibilities:
  • Have devotions by the family fire pit.
  • Enjoy reading God's word on the deck as evening falls.
  • Pretend you are camping. Pitch a tent and read by flashlight.
  • Bring summer evenings inside, and make a tent of an old sheet. 


Join In

Make the flashlight devotions with your child part of your routine as well. Kids learn by example. Devotion time is quality time with God. Make it quality family time learning His Word. 



Notes from Carol

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